The Different Types of Keno Tickets

The game of keno was originated from China. It is similar to the lottery in the manner it is being played. A player may place his bet from among the eighty numbers. That is arranged from 1 to 80 in his card. He may bet once or up to twenty times. Then twenty numbers will be drawn by the house at random, and the winnings will be based on the quantity of numbers the player got. The amount of bet will also determine your prize.

As we've said, keno is the same as lottery, but it differs with the different type of ticket or card it has. All of its types are also played specifically according to their own set of rules as well as pending prizes at stake.

The King ticket is the most basic of all these types of keno ticket. A player may have only one number or the King. Other players Combine the King ticket with the other tickets to have some variations in their game

The race horse is another type of keno ticket. This type of keno ticket is called the race horse because some years ago., players of this game used to match the drawn numbers with a race horse. Unluckily it was stopped after some years, but such name of the game remained

The other three type of keno tickets are the Top or Bottom, the Left or Right, and the Edges. These three types of keno ticket has some similarity with one another. In the top or bottom ticket, the player has the option of selecting his numbers from the top or the bottom part of his ticket. If the numbers that were drawn by the house falls on the top or bottom part of his ticket, then he wins. Some casinos have different ways in declaring the winner. Some considers at least 13 matched numbers to be declared the winner while other casinos require only 8. The Left or Right type of ticket is pretty much the same as the top or Bottom, only the drawn numbers should be at the left side or the right side of your designated ticket.

The Edge type of ticket is also being played in the same manner as the other type of tickets discussed above, but only 32 numbers are to be matched. This is so, because typically a regular keno ticket has eight rows with ten columns. Since you are required to bet on the numbers on the edge of the ticket, you have 32 numbers to choose from ath the edge.

High payouts are given to another type of keno ticket. This is the high-end ticket. Different form the simple type of keno ticket, the high - end ticket allows players to make huge amount of spots. Though this gives high payouts it also carries a high risk.

Really, in keno, you can have the different options you may choose that will best fit your type of game.

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