The Simple Joys When We Play Keno

Many people enjoy the game of keno because of its incredible similarity to lotto. A brief look at the history of keno will tell us that this game was first played by the Chinese many years ago and it wasn't introduced to the Americans until the early 19th century along with the very first Chinese immigrants. What makes Keno very attractive is that it not only whiles away the time, it also gives one the chance of winning big.

When we play keno nowadays, we can always opt for the video version. For the slots lovers, this is very similar to a game on the slot machine in that it is operated in the same way: a coin triggers the game. The rules of the video version when we play keno are similar to the conventional game only the results are generated faster.

When we play Keno, we need to choose at least 4 numbers and a maximum of 10 from the choices between the numbers 1 and 80. Every time we select a number when we play keno, we call this selected number a 'spot', so if one opted to have 8 numbers, it would be called an 8 spot game.

Since keno is very similar to Lotto, when we play Keno we select our numbers by marking them on a game card and once done, the card is brought back to the keno booth. When we play keno, the clerk at the booth will give us a receipt reflecting our chosen numbers. Of course, this is after we inform the clerk of how much we are willing to wager.

A short wait ensues after giving our ticket to the keno booth when we play keno before the numbers are called out. Keno balls are drawn at random from a mechanism that's similar to that in lotto with each ball reflecting a number. There would be 80 balls and the ones drawn determine whether we will win in this game. One will notice that when we play keno, there are boards everywhere reflecting the drawn numbers and these are called keno boards.

The attraction to keno is that this game is based mostly on luck. When we play keno, we really have no idea whether we will be the night's big winner and this is a game that is just plain and simple fun. We can't blame anyone for not winning when we play keno and so the mindset of the players is that regardless of whether they win or lose when they play keno, they had a great time.

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