Mobile Keno: Your Phone-based Keno

From Han China to handheld device, mobile keno is certainly making history. Keno is a lottery-like betting game that is said to have originated in China during the Han dynasty. The game has traveled a long way to the other parts of the world, and now the modern world can play this ancient game on a mobile device such as PDA and palm top.

Now that mobile keno can be played without walking to a keno lounge or standing in front of a keno machine. The game can be played anywhere without lounging a laptop. Even if you're in Zimbabwe or in Iceland, you can play this ancient Chinese game granted that you have an Internet-connected on your mobile phone.

A phone screen may be a hundred times smaller than an actual keno board or your computer screen, yet it, too, can display a keno board. A mobile keno board contains 80-numbered balls. To download the keno software, your phone must be able to support Java technology.

Mobile keno is an easy game to play. Keno is like a hybrid combination of lottery and bingo. All you have to do here is pick numbers and wager on them.

In mobile keno, you can make a selection of as many as 10-15 numbers. You can do this by touching the number if you have a touch-screen or screen sensitive phone, or you key in the number digits on your phone. A selection of numbers is referred to as spot. A selection of 8 numbers is called 8-spot, 9 numbers is 9-spot, 10 numbers is 10-spot and so on and so forth. As you select a number, your potential payout will appear on one side of the game screen.

This is another convenience that mobile keno offers--- there's no need to see a keno writer, no need to wait for issuance of a keno ticket. In mobile keno, there's no going around.

You then place your wager. Select from the bet buttons found on your screen. Then decide how many times you'd like to play the same numbers by pressing Play One, Play Five, or Play 10. Pressing a Play button starts the drawing of numbers. The virtual draws will then draw 20 numbers.

The object in mobile keno is to have as many numbers that hit as possible. A hit is a match between the bettor's selected number and the virtual dealer's drawn number. Your total payout will depend on how many numbers hit and the size of your spot.

Again, mobile keno is all about convenience and quick access to the game. Playing the game is simply like picking numbers for a lottery bet, and you can do this regardless of wherever place you may be with mobile keno.