A Brief Background on Keno

Although the game of Keno originated from China, it became so popular in the United States and many people today love to play this game of chance and luck. This is due to the reason that this game resembles that of the lotto type which has large payouts and requires almost no skills at all in playing

The game of keno as we have said was from China. It was invented by a Chinese ruler by the name of Cheung Leung. Cheung Leung then was having the problem of being attacked by the neighboring countries. He had to arm his men to drive away these aggressors in his land.The revenues he then got from the game of keno was used to buy these arms of his soldiers, and they were able to driveaway possible attackers. THe development of the game continued and went as far as the other continent.

The game of keno then was also called the 'White Pigeon" game. This was named so, because it uses a white pigeon to deliver the results of the game from one village to another. But this keno game then didn't use numbers. Instead, they used the characters from the famous Chinese poem called " The Thousand Character Classic". During the later years the Chines immigrants brought the game of keno to America. In America it was then known as the "Chinese Lottery" and later renamed as the "Hrse Race Keno" The word "horse" is meant to code numbers in the game . Betting then was in terms of the horses and not the numbers. This strategy was adopted to hide from local authorities this illegal gambling.

Today, the game of keno is being enjoyed almost in every corner of the globe. It is a game of luck and chance and betting is done simply thru some keno betting stations. The player has to buy a keno ticket where he marks off the numbers he decides to place his bet on. The keno ticket has 80 numbers on its spots and a player may choose to about fifteen or less of its numbers. Then he submits his ticket to the keno booth for marking and in return he is given a receipt of his ticket. The numbers are then drawn from the balls that are being shuffled by compressed air on a plastic container. Results of this draw is being shown on a big electronic keno board that is being displayed in the area. The player then check out the numbers he marked on his ticket with that of the numbers that were drawn, and submit this to the cashier for redemption of his winnings.

This is how the game of keno came into existence and how simple yet interesting this game is. Remember that keno is a game of luck and chance . Who knows if you got all that luck and chance.